Welcome to GlutenFreelovinit!

I spent last weekend in Oregon, took a 4 day weekend to go visit my mother-n-law and bring home my youngest son who was up visiting her. I took my bff with me and we spent out time relaxing and enjoying some amazing shopping. If you have ever been to Ashland you know what I’m talking about. If not, its a must for a new shopping experience. The shops are unique and so quaint.

I have been looking at buying some GF makeup and have had a hard time spending that kind of money on a product I had to purchase online w/o even be able to see the product up front and personal. Makeup colors are very important and if you can’t see them for yourself and test, you may not get what you thinking your getting. So we were walking past this little shop call ALCHEMY BOTANICALS.

We went in and looked at all the amazing things they offered. I ask the gals if they carried a GF makeup. They didn’t know if the 2 lines they had in their shop were GF, but they were so nice and called the manufacturer to find out. Low and behold, the ZuZu line was GF. I sampled it on the spot and left with my new makeup in hand! I used to use Bare Minerals, and don’t get me wrong I still love the stuff, but I wanted to try something GF. And let me tell ya, this makeup is so soft, and amazing looking. Its nice to know that when I apply the lip gloss and lick my lips I know I won’t be contaminating myself.

The following day we shopped in Jacksonville, yet another amazing place to go shopping. We stopped at this little cafe call Whole Foods Cafe. They did not offer a GF menu, but the owner know all about it. He made me a Prime Rib sandwich w/o the bread and made sure that all the food didn’t get crossed contaminated with anything. It was a great experience. I find the more I discuss my CD with the waitstaff or the cook/chief they are always more than willing to help in anyway they can. So thank you Whole Food Cafe.

I managed to go on my 1st mini vaction since finding out about the CD. I was terrified that I was gonna have a glutenated hell of time. But I was so wrong, I had a GF hell of a time.